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tv   FOX 29 News Special  FOX  February 20, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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♪ good evening thanks for joining us for this visit the philly special i'm iain page. i'm lucy noland. tonight we are taking you on the trip to some of the best places to visit in and around philadelphia this year. >> our very own mike yearrick starts us off with the visit to doylestown. >> just outside of philadelphia, lies a gem, of a community. with a downtown that is bustling will. what a quaint town. how are you doing? all these boutiques. the streets are lined with trees. coffee shops. restaurant. oh, i love this. a classic old movie theater. the the county theater everybody knows that place. it seems like this town has its all, including a very rich
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history. >> we are a small town with three prominent museum. it is unique in itself. >> that person being henry chapman mercer, a native son to the boro which today boosts a population of more than 8,000 people. >> it was a home for a henry chapman mercer. >> built between 1908 and 1912, it is one of the first, reenforced concrete homes in the country. >> the house is very auto by graph california of henry mercer and his life. you see his interest and his idea throughout the whole house. i believe he was in the trained as an architect or an engineer his business was homemaking and the house really served as a showcase for his tiles. >> tiles that covered the house from top to bottom. much to the a amazement of the 30,000 tourist whose visit the castle each year. but mercer's legacy does not end there. >> you are at the tile works
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and arts and craft era factory where henry chapman mercer produced tiles and mosaics for houses and public buildings throughout the united states. >> a place where tiles are still being made by hand. >> the tiles we produced were of mercer's original line and they can be bought as souvenirs good or given as a gift as was the case a few months ago when mayor michael nutter and governor tom corbett presented tiles of the the evangelist matthew mark luke and john to pope francis when they traveled to rome in hopes of having the holy father visit philadelphia next year. in addition to being the love of tile and mercer an archaeologist who studied law at the university of pennsylvania, collected many artifacts. lots of them. many of which can be found inside of a museum, which bears his name. >> this is his museum that he design, and built to house his collection of early americana. what you do experience in here is probably one of the most
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even psyched pied i can collections of early american material culture in the world. >> there are objects of every kind. by cycles to boats, sled to horse drawn carriages. >> you come to doylestown and you come into this central part of the mercer museum and you have that oh, my gosh oh, wow experience just like people did in 1960. the stories that we speak from these objects are store that is resonate down through the ages. >> in, welcome to doylestown. the county seat of bucks county. gorgeous. staying in bucks county here's a fun event in bristol on unday, august 2nd. the bristol cultural and historical foundation will hold its peach social. now, a new can be on the express at new hope and ivy land railroad. easter bunny himself or herself, will be on the train visiting with children and handing out the treats. the train rides start on march 21st. and is there plenty to offer in philadelphia's country side. our very own alex holley found
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out jenkintown has a place that has a lot going on and an area that people love to call home. >> ♪ >> jenkintown is a community verse just a place to live. it just seems like everything is within walking distance. >> restaurants, stores movie theaters boutiques and more. >> my name is johann harvey and i'm general manager here. we pride ourselves on making everything, everything that you see from scratch. >> cake, cookies and pies. >> everything we does fresh baked daily without exception. >> located on town square johann and his wife, of belt in the the sky bakery three and a half years ago. >> it is a small town. mall community. everybody is just supporting each other. >> pick out some muffin. >> even for folks not from the area. >> i live in elkins park which is one town over from jenkintown but is there not a lot of bakeries like this
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around. they are very friendly. they are okay with my children. they put crumbs all over the floors. >> jenkintown has a rich his there i named by pioneer william jenkins the town is located just outside of philadelphia and it is home to more than 4,500 people. another interesting tidbit, the the fire department which is completely volunteer is comprised of not just one but two companies. it has been in existence for more than 125 years. >> it is a nice place to work. it is people that are friendly. it is a typical small, you know hometown type of a town. you know, people know each other. people wave to each other. say hello to each other. >> they invite you to not only take in the scenery but the arts. >> i'm the executive director of abington arts center. we are in the ceramic studio of the manor and this studio has recently been redone and
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gone under a significant transformation. we have recently installed brand new shelves, new paints new track lighting, all to make it more accessible to our students. >> people like jack, who has been taking classes a at abington arts center since 1999. >> what i enjoy is the interaction with people, and being able to take something from one discipline, and say for example ceramics and translate it into print making, and vice versa a. you have people who are doing extremely good work in a number of different artistic discipline. >> also a meeting place. the nestled on 27 amazing acres of land. surely, this is what the founders could have only hoped would become the estate when it was donated many years ago. >> this is our seventh fifth year in the community but a lot of times people come to us either because they like to learn a craft or simply
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because, they are an artist. >> or just make because the view itself is breathtaking. >> ♪ >> so if you are looking for a little more fun in montgomery county go over to ardmore. you can visit suburban square which hosts farmers market and great shopping. >> we are just getting started with our tour of the delaware valley. next up we will make a pit stop in media to show you the fun side you might not have known about. many know it as the home of qvc or west chester university but is there more than just that. we will take you out to here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle
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or visit so far we have taken to you bucks, montgomery counties. >> pretty g our next stop in the towns of philadelphia country side tease to us delaware county. >> mike jerrick shows us a hidden gems you can find in media, delaware county. >> ♪ the ♪ >> it is a safe community and it is just really just a place thaw can come, and relax. >> welcome to media, pennsylvania pennsylvania. delaware county. the home of great food, great entertainment, and of course, great folks like randy bevins of bevins homemade candy.
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>> i'm third generation. yeah we started six or seven years full-time. >> randy took over his family's business at age 20. >> when i was in college my dad passed away and i dropped out, and ran with my mom, until i was what 19. and then when my mom passed away a year later and i have been here ever since. >> making his famed butter cremes chocolate pretzels and cherry cordial is among other delicacies. >> i grew up two stories above the place. >> he has in plans of leaving which is not unlike a lot of people that call this boro home. folks like charlie mccull um owner of this this boutique which specializes in gowns for every occasion. >> i grew up here, so, i know most of the people, in media and i wouldn't be anywhere else. we have had offers to go to the main line, and down the shore, and i want to stay right here. i love it here. the the people.
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>> like the little boy who comes to the boutique every week to play with charlean's button jar. >> that is what media is about, so i'm staying. >> even if you didn't grow up in everyone's hometown there is a place for you here on stage. >> discipline has to be established. >> the theater itself was built in 1927. and, it was a movie house until maybe 1986. >> and then it was renovated, becoming is what known now as the media theater. >> i liked to refer to it and other people refer to it as the miracle of state street. because who would have thought that a a professional theater of this size and i believe quality could exist in a boro the size of media.
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>> the theater presents several productions throughout the year while also providing top notch training to young people interested on being on the big stage. now, if the theater doesn't get you going, then perhaps the food will. ariano's is one of media's best restaurant. >> it is a wonderful place. the idea came about from the town of ariano, in italy. >> a region that is beautifully featured on this mural on the ceiling of the restaurant which specializes in italian cuisine. so, still need another reason to visit media? >> we have a great mix here of media, of the new and contemporary, as well as the old family run businesses. >> each providing the very business, the county seat has to offer. >> and if you get a chance head up to wayne and visit the garden combined art with nature, and it has been called one of the top ten public gardens in the world by trip
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advisor. it doesn't open until may but runs through labor day. do you think of the home of the american museum is held right here but we have a lot more to see in west chester and we are taking you there. and we certainly cannot forget philadelphia in all of this. it is shaping up to be a are busy summer in philly.
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from great art galleries to a fascinating helicopter museum, west chester has a lot to office. >> alex holley took a trip to chester county to can it all in. >> ♪ >> when you think of west chester, pennsylvania what comes to mind? west chester university or maybe even qvc? or there is lots to sianni do here in the boro of nearly 20,000 people. is there plenty of great restaurant and galleries and also things that you might the not know about that you can find, right here. >> the museum is located here because of all of the innovations. >> break throughs in the aviation industry that just might surprise some folks, especially considering many people aren't even aware that the american helicopter museum, called west chester home. >> the delaware valley is the
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cradle of roth theory aviation because of all of the developments that happened here. so, that is starting with harold pitcarn flew an auto giro a predecessor to the helicopter. >> the the museum has been around since 1996 and grew out of the 50th anniversary of the first helicopter conference trade show which took place at the franklin institute. >> 1992 was 50th anniversary. a group of helicopter industry, you know, enthusiast and businessmen decided we need to do something to preserve this history. >> and preserve, they did. the american helicopter museum and education center has more than 35 civilian and military helicopter on display. the collection includes auto giros, and planes and v22 osprey which is super important to our country's defense. >> the v22 osprey which is an aircraft that flies, as opposed to a helicopter and a
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plane, it goes down with different speed and in the plane but it can london difficult spots just like a helicopter. >> equally impressive is what you will find housed inside chester county historical society, located in downtown west chester. >> we tell the the county's history from the very beginning, straight through to today, through artifacts, and having collections that are accessible in our library and on the museum. >> memorabilia that runs the gamut. >> we are in our decorative arts gallery. everything that you see in the chester county historical society was either made or used in chester county. ranging from the early 1700's right up in through the the 19th century. >> he says the artifact show a early sense of craftsmanship that many settlers that came to the country brought with them from their own country. >> we have an incredible collection of decorative art items related to clocks. some clocks which this is
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considered rare that where the the faces and the works, and the actual cabinets were made by the same person. so, that is something that makes us unique as well. >> also what sets the museum apart is space dedicated to exhibits of visiting artists. >> we're in one of those exhibitions right now and it is called profiles of chester county clothing of the 1800's. so this is a exploration of clothing throughout the 19th century and it really spans from the today's of custom clothing that you would find in that part of the exhibition and homemade clothing right through the the sewing machine, and then, gets into things like mass production and the different kind of items you can buy in the catalogue or a department store. >> there is plenty to sianni do in west chester and, lots of fascinating things to learn, as well. staying in chester county you have to check out the mushroom festival in kenneth
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square. after all it is the mushroom capitol of the world. i didn't know that. >> i didn't either. >> things we learn. it features great food, music and ride for the whole family. so we have taken you all a across philadelphia's earned ising areas. now it is time to look at the city itself. a lot of fun expected this summer in the city. we have you covered. the big events of what is
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and it has been fun taking you on a tour of the great spots to visit, throughout the philadelphia country side. >> of course you love warm weather. >> i do. >> and, so what do you say we will take a look at is what on tap as it warms up. >> um iser just won't be long enough, because everybody in philadelphia is coming together to make sure that it is one of the biggest years we have ever had. >> big describes the best when we look towards the delaware river waterfront. >> people are looking forward to the tall ships, which is always very picturesque international, grand, on the waterfront. the return of spruce street harbor park on the same waterfront. and the ability to get on to the schuylkill, to the schuylkill banks it is a really big thing. >> so is center city. >> it will be back on the ben franklin parkway and was another outdoor rediscovered spot. the library and rosenback are
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combining to do a alice in wonder land i think turn 150 and who doesn't like alice. if you are into on the other hand ge ngas kahn you can go to the franklin institute for that. adonde in june, the film festival at various locations during the the summer. >> the month ahead will welcome new activities to philly. >> this summer will be the arrival of the bike show program. so, people who now say that philadelphia is looking more and more european, all the time will find it even looking more so, with more people biking. >> just so long you don't bike after partaking in another philadelphia a favorite. >> the craft beer scene, shows no signs of slowing down. there is now of course, beer week, in june which is always a big favorite. >> now if you would rather take just a short drive out of the city you can find yourself immersed in the beauty of the
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surrounding counties, with their own breweries, wineries and cultures. >> the way i see it, it is tradition, at the brandywine river museum as one of the many big reasons like longwood gardens to go out into the region and the the country side, have really come alive in so many different ways in our five county area a along their main street, parks gardens and shops as well. >> don't forget blockbuster event that will round out the summer season. >> of course, everybody is focused on world meeting of families and the pope's arrival in late september but two weeks after that, we will be welcoming the 30 under 30 which is a aggregation or a get together of some of the brightest mind in a number of different fields. >> so much to do, so little time. >> i know it is something for
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everyone but there are many things for everyone, let's put it that way. that is true. we hope you saw a lot of great things to do in and around philadelphia. >> to start planning right now for your spring and summer. don't know about you but i will hit up all of these
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> kanye west says amber rose is so disgusting. >> i would take 30 showers before i got with kim. >> kim kardashian, we can name off 10 to 15 guys. >> nick lachey, miles austin reggie bush. >> marcus houston, nick cannon. we can go back to the old days. some of the temptations hit it. >> danica patrick, very upset. she got spun out at dayton by denny hamlin. she goes up to denny, grabs him and starts yelling at him. >> what are you doing? >> it's funny to hear them if you don't know the terms, you take them out of context. >> you're loose! >> there's a war brewing between two canadians, chad kroeger and justin bieber. chad just threw a ton of shade on a radio station. >> i think he's going to look


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